Between Us....

Last night was horribly painful for me, so I wrote a poem in my "Book of Emotions" where I keep some poems that I write. So here's the one from last night: originally titled "Once Happy...", but I've decided to change it to "Between Us..."

You smile, I beam;
You frown, I cry;
You yell, I scream;
You love, I fly;
You shoot, my dreams down;
I suffocate, I drown.

I'm not a poet..nor am I a very poetic person, but it was something written at the threshold of my heart and emotions. And so that this post is not completely boring, here's a lovely video, (it's actually quite old) by the leader of the awesome Re-Evolution Studios, StrawberryKissStudio.

It's called, "Emotion...In Retrospect". I rediscovered it a week ago, and the flow and gorgeous coloring of the AMV made me very entranced and moved. Hope you'll enjoy it!


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