April .

Happy April Fool's Day! And Happy April too!

It's a brand new month, and even though today was a horrible day for me, I hope this month will be a good one! Nyaa~ I shall study hard!

I've always loved the start of new months.
But wow, my goodness, time is passing too quickly...

School has been very hectic. Very.. I feel like all (well, except maybe one or two) of my marks are ... f. a . l . l . i . n .g

Let's all do our best ~ Vivi

Vivi Heart - German Ver.

Currently listening to: Vivi's Weekly Top 3
1. 'Heroine ni Narou ka!' - Berryz Koubou
2. 'Going Crazy' - Song Ji Eun (from Secret)
3. 'Moshimo Kimi ga Negau no Nara' - May'n



Hey, I thought this blog has shut down. Anyway, I'm on a new semester too. Good luck for both of us and keep working hard as always! But don't forget to have fun also.

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