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Currently, Google has taken over products such as Youtube, Blogger, and Gmail. Youtube users may recall that they were forced to "link" their YT accounts to a Google Account. If your YT account was created after a certain date, it was permanent. However, if it was created earlier, the owner had the advantage of being able to unlink, then re-link to a new Google Account. Either way, being attached to Google Accounts from YT and Blogger was inevitable.

I have 2 YT accounts, and a Blogger account. The YT account that I don't use as much shares the same Google Account as my Blogger. When I want to log out of JUST my YT account to go to my main YT account, it automatically logs out of my Blogger as well. Annoying.

Please, everybody, be very careful with this linking business. I kept on putting off the linking business until Google forced me to link my main YT account (which was, thankfully, a 2008 creation, so I had the option of re-linking). In my frustration, I randomly linked it to an email that I later had no access to. Big mistake. When I mixed up all my passwords for YT, and Google, I was locked out of my main YT account.

I was lucky enough to recall my password and unlink and re-link to a new Google account to clean things up, but that does not go for everyone. Many people lost their accounts forever from this. When you have no access to the email you linked to, AND your password for your Google account (* your YT password is no longer of use in anything now.), the Help section suggests you "get a new account".


I honestly think this linking thing is stupid. If Google should do something like that, then make it better and fool-proof, please, because sometimes, these accounts are not something people can easily give up on and get a new replacement for. Also, it is horrible since Google accounts only supports ONE of everything. Therefore, if you have more than one YT (very normal, mind you) or Blogger, then you're in trouble of this signing in and out of this and that business.

Good luck if you are fighting this Google Accounts battle too, and let's hope Google steps up and fixes this fault. Thanks for reading


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