The Art of Good Practising

"The Art of Good Practising"...that just sounds too sophisticated for a girl my age. Please just take it as a post regarding practising as a pianist and my thoughts on practising, etc.

Yes, yes, everybody's had those awful days when you stare at the clock every 5-10 minutes, wondering why in the world that clock is moving so slowly. Some get over it sooner, some later, there is no "normal". Some others, unfortunately, fall into the category of quitting before they have pulled through this stage. That's just sad. I want to take this moment to send encouragement and an enthusiastic "You can do it, don't give up!" to all those struggling with this stage.

I am in the quality over quantity half. I do not think that practising the wrong way for 5 hours is at all better than practising the right and effective way for 1. Haha, I know, maybe that's just my excuse for practising less than 2-3 hours per day (on week days, usually).

Technically speaking, if you skip practise for one day, you will know. If you skip for 2, your teacher will know. A week, your audience will know. The teacher one obviously depends on the situation. It is not neccessary to say that we musicians practise every day.

In a bit more detail on practising methods...
~ hands separate
~ sectionals
~ memory work in sections
~ articulation
~ use of metronome to regulate speed/tempo/counting
~ careful listening
~ finding the melody, bringing it out

This wasn't as good as a post that I thought it would be, sorry! ~runs away~


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