[Performance] RCM Non-Competitive Festival

Up and performing two pieces on a big stage at 9:40 AM on Sunday morning isn't really a good feeling. Today, I participated in the 2nd annual Royal Conservatory School Festival, in the Non-Competitive part. It felt pretty nice to be playing in Mazzoleni Hall, though...

It has been a rather awful Sunday morning. I performed for a tiny audience of an adjudicator, a parent, and 3 other kids around my age. I received a piece of paper with my name that says "Participation" (since it's non-competitive, no marks were given), and gained a bit more performance experience. I have learned that I still need to calm down after minor slips and not let that disturb the rest of my performance. Do you know when you make a mistake, then you feel really self-conscious and lose concentration, even if it's not too obvious for your audience?

The pieces I played were Rondo Capricciosso by Mendelssohn, and Nocturne in E- op. 72 no.1 by Chopin. At first, there was a misunderstanding as I thought I was playing my op. 9 Nocturne, so I wasn't fully prepared with the op. 72 one. It didn't turn out so bad, and there were improvements in character in my playing here and there. However, I didn't have enough endurance still for the above, so the other half of the pieces were a bit...dull. Now that I look back, my playing wasn't too shabby, but it sure felt bad up there!

The adjudicator was very nice and I liked him. He liked using the word "scope" in his judgements. To give a chronological description of my event...

We checked in, and in order, played our two pieces. Then, the adjudicator took some time to give his opinion on our playing for each of us individually. We got our certificates, and done! Here's a picture of my certificate

Now, I'll be focusing on my upcoming RCM Competitive Festival. For this one, if I do well, I might receive scholarship. All right! As I mentioned before, the RCM festival is only 2 years old. Before it was created, we had scholarship auditions. The first time, I tried out for money in that event. ($350). Then, last year, they had competitive festivals for scholarships ($175). Hmmm...I wonder if I'll get any this year. I sure hope so! I love money! ^o^ Okay, who doesn't! Thanks for reading!



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