Tomorrow's the Competitive!!!

Ah! Tomorrow's the RCM Competitive Festival! ~sigh~ Another festival. This time, the money's up for grabs! I have also improved in some aspects of my repertoire, so I hope to do much better than the Non-Competitive one a couple of weeks earlier. That one was just terrible. Let's hope I don't relive that one again!

Today, I had a LOVELY practise! I don't know why, but today, everything was near perfect ("perfect" isn't a valid term in music, don't you think? I think only oneself may say that about one's performance) the very first time!

My Mendelssohn was the only one that wasn't exactly impressive. I still had to work on it for an hour first, fine-tuning all those messy places. My Chopin nocturne (the op.9 no.1 one) had a really nice opening, I was kind of surprised. And my study was pretty much complete satisfactory on my part too. I sure hope that state sustains until toomorrow! The only thing I'm worried about is that the Mendelssohn comes out good. That one sure is tricky, it really scares me.

Earlier this morning, I already felt a bit jittery, but after today's practise, I feel much better! ^^


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