Evening Concert

A special guest who flew here from Hamburg, Germany came to my piano teacher's house to have a mini evening concert held for us students and some parents....

Wow....it was my first time seeing a professional (concert) pianist perform, being in such a small space together. It was a really intimate setting. It really was a different experience from normal, big, grand concerts, like seeing Yundi Li or Lang Lang at Roy Thompson Hall. The piano was a Steinway ( ? ) and the living room was artistically furnished and dim-lighted. Really, I love my piano teacher's place, it's lovely ^_^

The performer (for privacy reasons, I'm keeping this anonymous) played some Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, and Liszt, a really nice program. I especially enjoyed the Mozart and Liszt...He didn't exaggerate his body movements, but his playing still contained so much emotion and different tones, or shall I say, "nuances". And that was what I liked best, the many different nuances. Compared to my playing, I think I have a few, but his plate was so full and have so much variety! There was one part in the Mozart sonata, that was so...gentle...it made me startled, it was like the softest white little kitten with silky fur...I think that's how I shall put it, sorry, it's not that good of a comparison XD

I think this was an amazing opportunity for all of us present, and I thank my teacher for organizing something so wonderful for our enjoyment and learning experience, it was truly lovely, and I enjoyed it SO much!


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