March Break!! + Kiwanis Updates

Nyaa~ It's March Break for me =^_^= ?

Really relaxing during my Break, I recently had a HORRIFIC! and MIND-KILLING! incident with Google Accounts. Anyone else hating on that awful new system? If you don't know, it links to practically everything, gluing itself onto all of your accounts, including Youtube and Blogger.

Also, it seems that I have yet to post my Kiwanis things, so I shall do that X3 This year's Kiwanis season was hectic, rewarding, and disappointing at the same time. I had 2 school Kiwanis events as well as 3 for my piano curriculum, and on one stressful day, I ran directly from one to the other. =_=; I-I don't want to relive that. Never again.
Here's a picture of one of my piano Kiwanis certificates. Note that this is the first year they are using the 1st, 2nd, 3rd placing stickers for SUB-GROUPS after switching to the gold, silver, bronze standards from 2009 (I think). This one's for my Chopin with my mark of 90.

I entered my Ritual Fire Dance, Beethoven Sonata, and Chopin Nocturne. Honestly, the first and last went very well, and I felt personally accomplished in self goals, even though I didn't get any first places this year.. T _ T Ah well. My Beethoven was a mess because I had it RIGHT after my Junior Strings with my school.

Mmm..I really want to vent about Google Accounts, but I shall do that later  I'll also provide you tips from my own terrifying experience. But as a warning, BE CAREFUL! 

To end this rant-like post.....let's about another wallpaper? *-* This one is super cute ? A little girl in a yukata, and I love the colours of it, rather spring/summer like, nee?


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