Happy Holidays~!

Yay~! The holidays have officially started for me!  ~overwhelming excitement and happy feelings~ I finished the last of my December exams yesterday, and successfully performed my Ritual Fire Dance and 2 movements of my Beethoven sonata for a mini Christmas get-together recital event too. I'm really looking forward to relaxing a bit, catching up on some posts, and editing and singing more in my spare time...AND practice piano a LOT too ^^;

I was near the end of the program last night, and I got a bit giddy from waiting so long, and it was sad I couldn't enjoy the other performances as much as I would have liked ;;__;; My fingers felt cold and stale (sounds like I'm talking about a cookie XD) and my Ritual Fire Dance warmed up as I went along XD The good side was that my Beethoven was quite nice. I really enjoyed it, and I think it turned out good ^^ Well, that's a good thing, since yesterday was even Beethoven's 240th Birthday~! We even had cake for him XD It was a really lovely evening and I had a lot of fun. Great way to start the holidays ?

This image is one of my favourite Christmas-time images...it's so lovely, hope you like it too*o*


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