[Fallen Skies Studios Secret Santa 2010]

This year, I offered to participate as both an elf AND a child in FSS's Secret Santa event ^_^ I signed up to take care of one "child" (e.g. make a video for them as a present XD) and wanted to be a child myself too XD Anyway, my assigned "child" mentioned that she liked Kaichou wa Maid-sama and S.H.E so I combined those two...

Vivi's very first time using FX: TV Simulator...+__+ Yes...first...but the beginning's uber smexeh, don't you think? ^3^ Kyaaaa~ Usui~!!! *o* -shot by Misaki- XD Although this was dedicated to one person, I still hope you guys all enjoy watching it too! <3333

Omigosh O___O I just realized, I didn't use the Usui x Misaki kiss from the last episode ... sorry, if any of you were looking forward to that XD Hope my child doesn't mind that I didn't include the final one...=__="


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