Back to School...=3=

Today was my last day of Winter Break. I can't believe it's over already...but I'm glad, because it was a good break. And I had a lot of fun with my family, and learned big lessons too. Ahhh...I'm getting all sentimental now XD Right now, I feel very refreshed from my holiday, even though there are echoes of "WINTER BREAK!!!" still in my mind. I still feel like I can go on everyday watching drama and editing videos and singing.

Haha~ Now I have to get my act together, I guess. Now, I feel like I'm more ready to continue on the school year. Then again, March Break, come quick~!!! XD I probably won't be very active, as I will do my best with my studies starting tomorrow once more. Here's a last image-share from me:

This beautiful wall is from AnimePaper. It's really gorgeous, isn't it? And the theme is winter. Let's all do our best again~ and wake up from this awesome dream of Winter Break! XD (goodness, it's so late, and I'm so tired, I can't write anything good =_=)


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