Mood Swing Vivi

School has started, and I have survived the first week back from Winter Break! 8D I wonder if it's normal, for a teenage girl like me to have suddenly, right out of the blue, a day that is completely miserable emotionally. I am usually very cheerful and positive, but yesterday was horrible. I couldn't cheer up, and I felt like I lost hope in everything I did, failed a Math quiz, and it felt like no one wanted to spend time with me. I felt alone in a crowd of usual friends. ...

But today, I'm all better! 8D -shot- It seems like I haven't posted my beta for my Bloody Monday music video yet o_o I think I shall post it later. Right now, I have a song that I want to share. Maybe I should make it a Melody-of-the-Day....hmmm....

Anyway, here's "ENDLESS STORY", by Yuna Ito. Douzo~!


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