f.a.l.c.o.n. ver. 3.1

Ahhh, long time no post, dear blog....

What's New:: f.a.l.c.o.n.!!! Yay!! -clap clap clap-
New Love:: Richard Clayderman piano pieces
Interesting Note:: ........

I have finished my Bloody Monday video, my first live-action work ^_^ Please check it out below, and don't hesitate to leave a comment XD -shot-

I have been oh-so-busy and stressed out lately...=_= The dark circles under my eyes are horrific, I look like a zombie TT o TT However, whenever I feel down, I chew a couple of gummie bears and tell myself, "Daijoubu! Watashi wa daijoubu desu, makenai yo~! Fighto!!" and I'll feel better ^_^

Ah, and here's a cute image for today *o* I really love this one, it's of a girl sitting, listening to music and following along with the music in the book. Oh! OMG, now, looking more carefully at the details of the image, the book lying on the floor beside her is "Chopin: Ballads" and it's the Paderewski edition too!! 8D I own the Chopin Nocturnes and Waltzes in that edition ^_^ The artist must've been pretty knowledgeable....from the way her hand is positioned, I'm thinking she's a pianist? Kyaaaa!! I love this image even more now!!! XD -shot-


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